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The Glamoureyes Team

Dr Henry Pham


With 20 years of experience in the optical industry, Henry enjoys the challenges that come with investigating, diagnosing and detecting eye conditions and diseases. He has a passion for children’s vision and contact lens fitting, including Orthokeratology and he is accredited with a Bachelor of Optometry. He is a member of Optometry Australia and has therapeutic endorsement for the prescription of ocular medicines. Henry is a technological enthusiast. He is always on the forefront of advancements in medical devices which can improve his role as an Optometrist and enhance a patient’s eye testing experience. As a glasses and contact lens wearer, he can give first hand experience on new lens technology for tasks like driving down a highway in a sports car or hitting a few rounds on the golf course.

Dr Kate Soong


Kate got her first pair of spectacles as a teenager, during a time when the selection of frames was limited and far less fashionable. This influenced Kate to undergo her tertiary education studies in Optometry. She practices preventative Optometry to help control and reduce the risk of conditions including myopia, diabetes, glaucoma and macular degeneration. Kate is member of Optometry Australia and has therapeutic endorsement for the prescription of ocular medicines. She has worked as an Optometrist in various locations including city, suburban and remote Aboriginal communities. It is her philosophy that quality vision should be accessible to everyone, and a pair of glasses should look and feel great. Kate now has a collection of glasses and sunglasses for every day of the week.

Dr Lynda Nguyen


A hard-working and dedicated team member, Lynda began working at Glamoureyes on weekends while completing her studies. She now holds a Bachelor of Vision Science and Optometry with therapeutic endorsement and is a member of Optometry Australia. Lynda is an enthusiastic Optometrist who takes the time to learn the needs of her patients before prescribing the optimal lens requirements. As an avid contact lenses wearer she encourages the use of soft contact lenses for those with an active lifestyle. Lynda has a particular interest in the treatment and management of ocular diseases. She works closely with local Ophthalmologists and General Practitioners to provide the best patient care possible. 

Staff photo


Optical Dispenser

Having worked as a qualified Optical Dispenser for many years, Ansa has watched with great interest the passing trends and improvements in frame fashion, designs and materials. As a full-time glasses wearer, Ansa can offer real-life experience and advice on appropriate frame and lens selection for first time glasses wearers and existing wearers looking for a change. She has a flair for matching an exciting new frame choice for all her clients. With her extensive knowledge and experience, Ansa brings a mixture of both maturity and professionalism to the team.



Optical Dispenser

An avid shopper and social butterfly, Manale has found her niche in Optical Dispensing. Manale has been actively working in the Optical Industry for 20 years and she loves to see a happy, confident and satisfied patient collect their glasses. Manale enjoys time spent outdoors hiking or riding her bike with her friends and beautiful family. Because of this she has a particular interest in sunglass protection and has a noteworthy collection of Maui Jim sunglasses.

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