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Optical Lenses

Quality matters.

Half of the glasses equation is a quality frame

while the other half of the equation is

a quality lens.

Hoya Lenses

When you purchase glasses at Glamoureyes, be confident in knowing that not only will you receive quality frames and sunglasses, you’ll also be getting quality lenses.

Our customers are saying that our lenses are easy to keep clean, are more scratch resistant, and our progressive lenses are "easy to get used to."

We take pride in knowing that our customers are receiving quality that is enhancing their lives everyday.

Not all lenses are created equally

We are professional optometrists and optical dispensers, but we are also glasses and prescription sunglass wearers. We have family members who also need to wear these on a daily basis, and as such we only choose to sell high quality optical lenses that we would use ourselves.

Hoya Lens Freeform company is a Japanese based company that have been designing, researching and developing lens technologies for the last 100 years. They have the best lens coatings on the market. 16 years ago Hoya Lens introduced VP anti-reflective coating for lenses, the most scratch resistant and easiest to clean lenses at the time. Since then they have gone on to develop the Diamond Finish Coating which is five times more scratch resistant. These lenses are also highly smudge resistant, water and oil repellent, and easier to clean.

Progressive Lenses

Hoya Progressive lenses are also second to none, offering absolute free-form technology. This is technical terminology for custom, tailormade and digitally designed lenses that are specific to each customer based on the frame choice, prescription, position of wear, eye movements and other specific measures.

The result is a wide, almost uninterrupted peripheral view through the spectacle lens. The current range of progressive lenses offers the customer with more choice:

Hoya ID Balansis Progressive Lenses – Everyday progressive lenses with free-form technology that is easy to adapt to, with wider fields of vision in the distance and reading compared to conventional and previous generation lenses.

Hoya ID Lifestyle 3 – Everyday advanced progressive lenses with enhanced and wider field of vision from the distance, through the intermediate to the near vision. This is by far our most commonly used lenses today. There are 3 progressive lens profiles to select from including: Indoor, Outdoor and Urban. Speak to our optical dispensers about which lens style would best suit your lifestyle needs.

Hoya ID MyStyle Profiler – Everyday ultimate progressive lenses with the widest fields of vision in the distance, intermediate and near visions. This lens is basically comparable to wearing single vision lenses with barely any blurriness on the far edges of the lenses. This is the one our optometrists recommend.

Why Progressive Lenses?

We spend most of our time reading a book, working on a desktop computer, or watching TV. With the introduction of social media, iPhones, iPads(tablets) and laptops becoming more widespread, our lifestyles have dramatically changed and so too have our visual demands and visual needs.

If you have been prescribed single vision reading glasses recently, then your vision may be very limited. You may actually benefit from a newer progressive lens design.


Hoya Freeform Lenses now offer ID Workstyle V+ lenses which allow for multiple prescriptions to be built into one lens.

This means you can now have a lens that is both clear when you’re reading and looking at the computer screen, clear when you're on your laptop and watching your high definition 4K OLED TV, or on your iPad taking notes while at a lecture or boardroom meeting.


Gone are the days where you need to peer over your glasses. Our optometrists may prescribe you:


Hoya Dynamic Workstyle lenses which are advanced free-form office(occupational) lenses which offer clarity at near range, computer range and distance ranges up to 3m away.


Hoya ID Workstyle V+ lenses which are the ultimate free-form office(occupational) lenses which come in 3 styles, Book, Screen and Space. This allows the lens design to be tailored to your work environment so as to cater for all your visual demands at varying distances and ranges.

Thin Hi-index Lenses

The last thing you want are
“coke bottle” lenses.


Our optometrists and optical dispensers recommend Hoya Hi-index lenses for most prescriptions.

Once our optometrists have examined your eyes, our optical dispenser will help you select the style of frames that will suit you and your prescription. They will then also help you pair these with the appropriate index lenses to ensure that your glasses are produced as thin as possible and as light as possible.

Hoya Hi-index lenses include Eyas material – 1.6 index, Eynoa material – 1.67 index, Eyry material 1.7 index and Eyvia material 1.74 index.

Hoya Hi-index materials compared to other generic hi-index lenses have been chemically formulated to ensure toughness, strength, durability while maintaining excellent optical clarity.


Hoya Hi-index lenses are some of the clearest optical lenses in the world. This is why so many DSLR professional cameras and medical optical equipment all utilise Hoya Optical lenses in their componentry.

Not all lenses are created equal.

Your eyes and your vision are important to us.


This is why we choose to only use the latest in lens technologies for all our customers. Hoya lens Freeform company has a lens offering portfolio that aligns with the needs of our optometrists, optical dispensers and patients. We choose Hoya Freeform lenses.

We also source lenses from our partner labs including Essilor lenses, Zeiss Lenses, Rodenstock Lenses, Shamir Lenses and Maui Jim lenses.


To get yourself fitted with a premium pair of lenses, visit our store and our optical dispensers and optometrists will be able to guide you in the right direction of choosing a lens suite that will help you get the best out of your eyesight.

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